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St. Louis/St.Charles Card Access, Access Control: Sales, Services and Installation.

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Control and Monitor Access in Your Facility With our Access Control System We offer a full line of card access controls. Here are some of the brands we service and install: DSC MAXSYS Access, SecuraKey, Bosch, Honeywell, Hes, Linear, Securitron, and many more.

Maxsys Card Access by DSC

This affordable package is the perfect access control starter kit. It has all the essentials you need: control panel, access control module, reader and keys in one low-cost package. If needed, the system can be easily expanded. (1 PC4020 control panel) (1 PC4820 2-reader access control module) (1 P225W26 ioProx reader) (10 P40KEY ioProx dual-encoded proximity keys). DSC is a leading manufacture in the electronics security field. Dsc also manufactures security alarm panels and more.

Securakey Card Access Kits

Securakey has been manufacturing card access equipment for over 40 years.

SK-NET Access Control Software is an easy-to-use Windows®-based program for managing SK-ACP control panels. Up to 200 doors in a location can be networked using a high-speed RS-485 twisted pair bus. Allows the creation of an unlimited number of locations and connect to your business TCP/IP. Client/Server licenses are also available that permit software access from multiple workstations.  SK-NET-MLD software is also ideal for Managed Access Control, allowing dealers to remotely manage access control systems for multiple customer locations for a monthly service charge. The software is very user friendly which makes this option great!

Bosch Card Access Systems

Access Professional Edition gives you the ability to customize your system beyond access control requirements while keeping your investment costs under budget.  Verification
Up to five cameras per door can be used providing better situational awareness to immediately identify threats or tailgating. Alarm verification
If an alarm is received at a door, such as exceeded door open time allowed or unauthorized credential presented, an image will immediately be displayed from the corresponding location in the operator screen. Arming/disarming of alarm systems
Intrusion detection systems connected to the system's access controller level can be easily armed and disarmed using an appropriately authorized access credential card and a corresponding PIN code optional. Customizable operator functions and additional cardholders privileges can be set.
16 operators with individual privileges can be simultaneously logged in performing different tasks at will. Bosch is a state of the art manufacture in the security field of electronics.

We are here to assist you in your total commercial security applications. We offer free quotes and advise for you needs. Please call or email us for more information.

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