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Remote Viewing Security Cameras for the Child Care/Day Care Facilities. Gain Customers in St. Louis/St. Charles.

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We offer a full line of cctv surveillance and security camera systems with remote viewing for you and your customers. A customer can view their child while they are at work. This can be done over the INTERNET and there are some Apps. like I phone and more. The parent can see with their own eyes that their child is safe. We like to call this piece of mind. You can grow your business with this piece of mind for your customers. Protect Your Children!

Day Care Security Cameras

Sample pictures of what parents can see from the INTERNET from work or anywhere that has INTERNET. We can set the DVR so each set of parents have their own password and we can assign certain cameras for that given parent. We have so many options for the setup of this remote viewing for the security cameras.

We would suggest one security camera in each room for the parents and safety. We would also suggest adding a camera at each entrance and exit. We would suggest if you have a outside play ground to have at least one camera on the play ground to protect the children. The DVR will need to be in a lock and secure location. This hold all the recordings to the DVR. This must be protected in case something happens and you need to get video to the law enforcement, this will assist in the investigation and help law enforcement speed things along. Studies has shown the faster the police response the better the results. Time is very important when it comes to crimes.

We are here to serve our customers 24/7 with tech support, sales, service and installation. We make our equipment fit your needs. Our installation will work around your hours of operations if needed.


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