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Eye Spy Electronics offers the finest equipment/service for Fire Alarms. Our 24/7 Monitoring center is UL Listed in the St. Louis area.

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Do you have a Fire Alarm being monitored by another company with expensive monthly payment? Eye Spy can give you a free quote to save you money on your fire alarm monitoring. We can take this account over for you. Our service is personal and accurate in a timely manner. Below we list some of the equipment we offer but we do service most brands.


Bosch FPD Fire Alarm


Bosch Life Safety Fire Alarm 7024

Features Four initiating zones (expandable to eight zones); up to 20 two wired smoke detectors per zone Built in DACT. This is great for small a small to medium business. Two notification appliance circuits (NACs) on board with a shared internal regulated 24 VFWR,4 A NAC power supply Easily converts to addressable with the addition of a D-7039 Multiplex Expansion Module Programmable through front panel interface, remote FMR-7033 Liquid‑crystal Display (LCD) Keypads, remote programming software (RPS), or DX-4010V2 or DX-4020 The FPD-7024 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) can be used in commercial and public building applications such as schools, universities, manufacturing, and health care centers. They are listed by UL for central station, local, auxiliary, and remote station systems. The FPD-7024 support four on board initiating zones that can be expanded to eight using the FPC-7034. This is a state of the art fire alarm panel.

Bosch 7036 Fire Keypad


FMR 7036 Life Safety Fire Annunciator Keypad

Compatible with FPD-7024 Fire Alarm Control Panel Two-line, 16 character LCD display On board LEDs indicate Silenced, Trouble, Alarm, and Supervisory Silence and Reset buttons Built in keys-witch The FMR-7036 is a four wire LCD annunciator keypad used with the FPD-‑7024 Fire Alarm Control Panel to establish the location of a fire alarm. The two-line, 16 character display is capable of showing all messages normally displayed on the control panel. All alarms and status messages are included. Four on-board LEDs provide easy reading of the annunciator's status from a distance. This would be mounted at the front of the building by the front door or managers office.

Fire Lite Fire Alarms


Fire-Lite MS-9200UD

The Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS is a combination FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) and (Digital Alarm Communicator/ Transmitter) all on one circuit board. This compact, cost-effective for large and small applications. Intelligent and addressable control panel has an extensive list of powerful features. The MS-9200UDLS’s quick-remove chassis protects the electronics during construction. The back box can be installed allowing field wiring to be pulled. Then when construction is done, the electronics can be quickly and safely installed in a few minutes. This is a state of the art fire control panel for small and large buildings.

While this is just a small sample of the Fire Alarms panels we service and install. This shows we deal in top of the line equipment in safety life equipment. This type of equipment works great for all type of commercial facilities.

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