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We offer Solar Powered Security Cameras for the St. Louis/St. Charles MO area.

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While we offer solar security cameras to the St. Louis area, we also offer this sales, service and installation to the surrounding States! Solar security cameras are made to work in areas that don't have a power source. We find a new construction site is a great example of this. The solar powered also has wireless features that can travel up to a mile. Another option is a cellular unit for total remote sites. You would need a cellular signal that is at least fair.

We offer the tow behind rental with (optional generator backup). We also provide the pole option which can be purchased and moved from site to site as needed. With solar powered please keep in mind that most solar powered options are made to customers need and budget. Below are some images of Solar Powered Security Cameras.

Fixed Camera Solar Powered

This is a sample of a fixed security camera that runs on solar power. This unit runs on batteries. The batteries charge from the sun light, at night the camera runs on the batteries. This just cycles everyday and night. You will always have enough power to run this security camera 24/7.

Solar Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera

Solar Powered Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera. This option runs on batteries and charges the batteries from the sun. Even at night with no sun the security camera will always have power and operate. We charge the batteries during the day light hours and this unit will run and operate 24/7.

Tow behind solar security camera trailer

Tow behind solar powered security camera trailer. This trailer has many options including: Cellular transmission, Wireless transmission, Batteries, fixed security cameras, pan tilt zoom security cameras, motion detectors, security alarm, backup generator, live streaming video across the INTERNET. This state of the art trailer is rented. You can rent this unit for one month or 12 months at a time. We bring the unit to your location setup unit train the customer how to use features, Comes with 24/7 service and repair, tech support and more!

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